Invoice Finance - for Sellers, Buyers, Investors & Funders

Trade Finance, Cross-Border Finance, SCF  – Uncorrelated returns for Investors on self-liquidating assets

Seller Invoice Finance - any country - domestic trade

The quick and simple way to improve cashflow and sales

Buyer - Supply Chain Finance - Payables facility

Additional substantial Credit Line for big buyers at no cost

Export/Import Trade Finance - simple and easy

Ensure Exporting and Importing is easy and a great experience

What we do

Convenient Capital offers a range of funding solutions, for buyers and sellers in almost every country, and to importers and exporters. These services include Trade Receivables Finance (Seller driven), Supply Chain Finance – Payables (Buyer driven) and Cross-Border Trade Finance (Seller & Buyer driven).

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Trade Receivables

For sellers, also known as Invoice Finance and Invoice Factoring.

Supply Chain Finance

Buyers receive an additional substantial credit line & Suppliers get paid upon delivery – NO COST to Buyer!

Cross Border Trade Finance

For buyers and sellers, financing trades between two countries.

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