Our Technology

Technology Overview

The following process gives a high-level summary of how all parties will work together to provide funding to clients using Convenient Capital’s technology.

About Unison

    Streamlined credit analysis and KYC Process with the support of a collaborative cloud platform leads to higher client satisfaction

    • Collaborative On-boarding: Cloud platform that links customers and funders together for credit analysis and KYC documents submission / approval
    • Streamlined Process: Keep everything on the platform, no back-and-forth email communication. Reduces communication errors and saves time
    • Real-time Tracking: Configurable Reports and Dashboards shows KYC operational metrics on a real-time basis


    Efficient Onboarding

    According to a recent survey*, 89% of corporate customers have not had a good KYC experience, and 13 percent have changed their financial institution relationship as a result. Increasing cost and complexity of KYC is clearly having a negative impact on funding institutions. Our Unison SM solution is the answer to the complicated KYC problems.