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Message from our CEO – Barry Rogers, MCICM ABFA CTFS

We welcome Investors and Funders to invest and buy the trade receivables we originate on our platform. We completely understand the requirements for you to invest and fund safely. My Advisory business advises Investors and Funders for more than 12 years on how to participate in the Asset Class of Trade Receivables. I have been working in trade receivables sector for more than 40 years. I believe you can trust us to bring you good quality assets that have been properly evaluated; where proper Due Diligence and proper anti-fraud checks and AML processes have been completed – all this information is available for you to see and check. I hope this will enable you to only have to perform a “light touch” Due Diligence process. Of course, as a lender you may still need to carry out AML processes.

You are welcome to check/vet and engage a third party to check all our processes enabling you to have complete comfort in the assets we bring to you have been properly vetted.

We have an Investor/Funder Platform Agreement for your to view.

I invite you to complete the contact form on our Contact Page. I will personally reply. Alternatively, please write to me at: [email protected]   

Thank you


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