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Convenient Capital offer a range of funding solutions, for international buyers and sellers handling imports and exports. These services include Trade Receivables Finance (Seller driven), Supply Chain Finance – Payables (Buyer driven) and Cross-Border Trade Finance (Seller & Buyer driven).

Trade Receivables

For sellers, also known as Invoice Finance and Invoice Factoring.

Supply Chain Finance

Buyers receive an additional substantial credit line & Suppliers get paid upon delivery – NO COST to Buyer!

Cross Border Trade Finance

For buyers and sellers, financing trades between two countries.

Trade Receivables

Also known as Invoice Finance and Invoice Factoring. Trade Receivables Financing is purely a financing facility without credit control and collection. Convenient Capital is a platform that procures and originates Invoices (Trade Receivables which are payment obligations) from Sellers for Investors and Funders to finance. Such trade receivables are originated by Sellers around the world. These Sellers range from SMEs to Investment Grade (IG) very large companies. Therefore, the rate of return to Investors and Funders ranges from as low as 2% for Investment Grade risk on large transactions to 20% for smaller transactions on SME risk.

We finance up to 95% in some markets where the statutory minimum advance to Sellers is 95%, but the average advance is 85%. This enables Sellers to gain payment from Convenient Capital for goods and services delivered within 24 hours of raising the invoice. We finance the invoice for up to 180 days but usually 60-120 days is the norm. The balance of 15% (85% advance) is paid to the Seller when the Buyer/Debtor pays less the platform and funders charges. A typical average cost

Supply Chain Finance – Payables 

Convenient Capital recognises the increasing attraction of this type of facility – aimed at Buyers rather than traditional Seller driven Invoice Finance. This type of facility works better for larger companies where they have many suppliers. Convenient Capital “onboard” all suppliers who, once they deliver the goods and services to the Buyer, upload the invoice to our platform and request Buyer to approve. Once approved, we make available the funding of the invoice and the supplier may elect to draw down up to 100% of the invoice (none if they do not need). We advance the required amount of funding less a discount charge calculated to the due date of the invoice when the Buyer needs to pay. So, the supplier may have any % in advance from 0% to 100% depending on their cashflow. The Buyer pays us the invoice automatically on the due date.

The Benefits are: The Supplier obtains better cash flow, and the Buyer is outsourcing their payables ledger to Convenient Capital, knowing their Supplier is benefitting and not waiting to be paid.

Cross Border Trade Finance 

The huge lack of funding for cross-border international trade motivates us to offer this facility. There is a missing $3Billion of funding in cross-border trade. We will finance trades between one country and another. For example, a Seller in Uzbekistan selling nuts and dried fruit to UK or France; Wheat grain from Ukraine to Egypt; or car parts from Spain to USA. Provided the Buyer has a decent credit rating and we are able to obtain credit insurance on them to mitigate payment risk.

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